All You Need to Know About the Resvent iBreeze Auto CPAP Machine

All You Need to Know About the Resvent iBreeze Auto CPAP Machine

The Resvent iBreeze Auto CPAP machine with Heated Humidifier is an advanced, auto-tritrating PAP machine that changes the pressure on a breath-by-breath basis. This machine is both small and creative. Packed with advanced features for ultimate comfort, such as clever pressure relief, auto start, and smart ramp technology.

Over the past several months, the Resvent iBreeze Auto CPAP machines has emerged as a choice for the treatment of sleep apnea that is both cutting-edge and loaded with features. After the recall of Philips Respironics machines, which included a large number of DreamStation models, people who have had trouble locating a CPAP machine since the recall will be relieved to hear this good news.

Due to the subsequent spike in demand for ResMed AirSense 10 machines, there is currently a scarcity of such devices; as a result, consumers have fewer alternatives available to them.

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In a stroke of good luck, the FDA has given the iBreeze APAP machine permission for usage in an emergency setting. People who have just been diagnosed with sleep apnea, as well as those who merely want a replacement for an old, worn-out equipment, can now easily obtain devices from the iBreeze series.

About the Resvent iBreeze Device

The Resvent iBreeze is an automated positive airway pressure (APAP) machine, not a continuous positive airway pressure CPAP machine as it is usually known. An APAP machine delivers automatic positive airway pressure as opposed to CPAP, which delivers constant positive airway pressure. 

The distinction lies in the fact that an APAP machine will alter the pressure level to fit your requirements on a breath-by-breath basis as opposed to maintaining a constant level throughout the night. People who have difficulty adapting to normal CPAP therapy will find this modification to be helpful. Learn more about the differences between APAP and CPAP by doing some further research.

Resvent iBreeze Features

The iBreeze is loaded with a variety of useful functions, such as automated leak correction, automatic start, leak compensation, power conservation mode, and automatic adjustment for altitude. 

Do you have an interest in finding out more about the characteristics that distinguish the Resvent iBreeze APAP machine different from its competitors? Continue reading if you want to learn more!

Pressure Relief

In addition to the iBreeze’s capability to automatically alter the pressure, the Intelligent Pressure Release (IPR) algorithm feature that is included into the Resvent device enables a gentler, lower pressure range during exhalation. 

This allows for an easier exhale that has a more natural feel to it, which helps further adapt the experience of therapy for sleep apnea for each individual user.

Intelligent Humidification

By adding moisture to the compressed air, humidification can make treatment for sleep apnea far more comfortable by reducing the risk of dry mouth and nasal passages. The iBreeze series includes a built-in humidifier that constantly checks the amount of water present and turns off by itself if it detects that there is insufficient water. 

There is even a notification that is in your line of sight to let you know.

The heated humidifier also has the ability to monitor the temperature and humidity levels in the surrounding air! Throughout the course of the night, the optimal moisture level is preserved in order to forestall the formation of condensation inside of the CPAP mask and its associated tubing.

Smart Ramp Settings

With the Smart Ramp feature, the iBreeze begins with a low air pressure that is scarcely visible and gradually increases to the maximum therapeutic pressure as you settle in and fall asleep.

Detection of Leaks

It is possible for your air pressure to leak, which the iBreeze will automatically detect and notify you of. This can occur if your mask does not fit properly or if your supplies are worn out. To ensure that your sleep treatment is successful, it is essential that the air pressure be at its full power. 

Nobody likes to discover when they wake up in the morning that their therapeutic compressed air has been escaping through the cracks over the previous night. In addition to being able to detect leaks, it also has a feature called leak compensation, which will automatically increase your pressure to compensate for any loss.

It is also able to detect and notify you if any of the holes in your mask are blocked, which may occur periodically if you change positions in the middle of the night or if your bedding is blocking your mask. To learn more about how to adjust the alerts and settings, please refer to the documentation that came with your device.

LCD that is simple to read

Even if you forget your glasses or contacts in the middle of the night, the 3.5-inch LCD screen on the iBreeze is simple to use and allows for quick adjustments to your treatment, ramp, and comfort settings. 

Because you have the option of using an SD card, and because the iBreeze also has built-in wireless connectivity, you will be able to utilise the iMatrix sleep data management software to view even more detailed statistics and information.

Conveniently Sized

The iBreeze has dimensions of 9.4 inches by 7 inches by 5.5 inches, which means that you can easily accommodate a light or alarm clock on your bedside table together with the machine (but the iBreeze may serve as your alarm clock as well!).

Mask Compatibility

Because it utilises a standard 22 mm connector, the iBreeze is compatible with any sort of CPAP or BiPAP mask that you might choose to use. This comprises masks that cover the entire face as well as nasal masks, as well as masks made by other brands, such as the ResMed Airfit or the DreamWear by Philips.

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