Top-Rated Full-Face CPAP Masks for Mouth Breathers

Top-Rated Full-Face CPAP Masks for Mouth Breathers

It’s not easy to find a sleep apnea mask that fits your mouth breather lifestyle well. CPAP masks are a common source of discomfort and non-compliance. For optimal effectiveness with CPAP therapy, it is crucial to select a mask that accommodates your individual demands, in this case, mouth breathing.

In order to determine the top five CPAP masks for mouth breathers, we evaluated a wide range of lifestyle parameters and ranked the results. Read on to discover what they are and select the one that best suits you.

Which CPAP Mask Should Be Used by Mouth Breathers?

A full-face CPAP mask is more effective if you breathe through your mouth. People who frequently experience stuffy noses or allergies and who primarily breathe through their mouths might consider purchasing a complete face mask.

One’s mouth and nose are hidden by the mask. This makes a tight barrier around both, so you can breathe normally through either your nose or mouth without having to stop your treatment.

The Amara View Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear is the Best Full-Face Mask for the Money.

The cost of a comfortable bed and a restful night’s sleep shouldn’t be prohibitive. When asked about the best Full-Face CPAP Mask, we are pleased to recommend the one we have found to be reasonably priced. Philips Respironics’ 

Amara View Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear is a full-face mask that doesn’t weigh you down because of its featherweight construction and high-quality, full-face components. You can read about Is My CPAP Machine too Loud by visiting

With this CPAP mask, you can get the benefits of CPAP therapy without the need for a forehead support. Expect to have complete freedom during your sleep apnea treatment.

By placing the nasal aperture under the nose and adjusting the headgear to a suitable fit, the compact Amara View Full Face mask creates a seal across the mouth and nostrils.

Key FeaturesHeadgear with an adjustable crown strap and a cushion for under your nose make this mask ideal for a wide range of users.
DesiresThis is an excellent choice for those who suffer from claustrophobia when watching television.
Sleep positionsCompatible with all three common sleeping positions

DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear Is the Best Full-Face Mask for Side Sleepers.

The DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear is perfect if you want to relax in bed by reading or watching TV. This CPAP mask is ideal for those who sleep on their stomachs or sides because of its innovative frame design, which allows for a clear field of vision and reduces the typical mask’s weight. You can also read about Certain Philips Respironics Masks for BiPAP, CPAP Machines Recalled Due to Safety Issue with Magnets That May Affect Certain Medical Devices: FDA Safety Communication by clicking here.

Since Philip’s repositioned the tubes to the side, the classic heavy headgear sensation is gone, but the seal is just as good, making this a great option for restless sleepers. The magnetic latches on the actual headgear components are another recent addition that makes this mask much less finicky to put on and take off. 

You can also purchase this mask in a kit form, giving you access to all of the available cushion sizes in the pursuit of a snug and comfortable fit.

Key FeaturesSeat Pads of Various Sizes Are Included in the Convenient Fit Pack’s Hollow-Frame Design (S, M, M.W., L)
Desires People who sleep while also watching television
Sleep positionSleeping on one’s side

ResMed F30i Full Face CPAP Mask Is the Best Option for Stomach Sleepers

Let us introduce you to a revolutionary mask of comfort if you sleep on your stomach. The cushion of the ResMed F30i Full Face CPAP Mask is sturdy enough to serve as a seal around your lips and beneath your nose. 

This mask was designed with stomach sleepers and active sleepers in mind to provide them with the mobility and comfort they need throughout the night without those pesky hose tangles by reducing bulk around the front of the mask and choosing for a top-of-the-head hose connection.

The flexible silicone frame provides a secure foundation for your therapy, allowing you to get the most out of your seal without compromising on comfort. The F30i is known to reduce nocturnal leaks and prevent skin irritation and red spots when used with the ultra-compact full-face mask cushion.

Light sleepers will appreciate the F30i’s silent ventilation system. The F30i diffuses the sound of your exhalation by directing it upward and away from you, rather than out the vents.

Key FeaturesFull Rotation, Unobstructed View, Low Noise, Minimal Skin Contact
Desires Persons Who Do Things While They Sleep (T.V., Reading, Glasses)
Sleep PositionIndividuals who sleep on their stomachs, backs, and sides

The Most Effective Half-Face Mask for Those Who Breathe Through Their Mouths Full Face Nasal Pillows and Headgear Hybrid CPAP Mask

The Hybrid Full Face CPAP mask brands combines fantastic technology to create a standard CPAP interface, making it the ideal choice for those seeking a balance between convenience and creativity in their sleep-aiding devices. 

The Hybrid is an innovative combination of technologies with the goal of creating a standard CPAP user interface.

The pressure points across the bridge of the nose and the forehead are reduced by the Hybrid, making it more comfortable to wear. An internal chin strap aids with stability and comfort.

Key FeaturesAll Sizes of Pillows and Cushions, Adjustable Straps, Built-In Chin Strap, No Nasal Bridge or Forehead Contact, Premium Headgear
Desires This is an excellent choice for those who suffer from claustrophobia when watching television
Body Position While SleepingCompatible with all three common sleeping positions

Which Full Face CPAP Mask Is Best? 

The ResMed AirFit F20 Full Face Mask is our top choice.

Discover the AirFit F20,’s best-selling full-face mask. The AirFit F20 was created with ease of use in mind, so it is unobtrusive and does away with the need for a standard forehead rest.

The bridge of the nose is covered by the AirFit F20, yet unlike many full-face masks, it is surprisingly compact. It has a thin cushion that won’t get in the way of your nighttime activities, like reading or watching television. The lightweight design and adjustable headband make this a convenient option.

The AirMini AutoSet CPAP Machine is compatible with the AirFit F20 mask, making it convenient for travel. It comes with a specific adaptor that fits into the AirMini’s tube, so you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

Key FeaturesSilicone Face Mask with Noise Cancellation 
Desires Beneficial for people with claustrophobia, those who prefer to watch Tv while they sleep, those who prefer to sleep in a quieter room, those who prefer to sleep lightly, and people who prefer to breathe through their mouth.
Positions While sleepingComfortable for both side and back sleepers