A Detailed Guide to Luna II Auto CPAP Machine

A Detailed Guide to Luna II Auto CPAP Machine

Since the recall of the widely used Dreamstation series by Philips Respironics, we have seen increased interest in the Luna II APAP machine from 3B Medical. Many of our CPAP customers have responded by trying out different methods of treating their obstructive sleep apnea, with the blessing of their doctors. 

Machines like the Luna 2 and the Resvent iBreeze APAP stand out because they have a heated humidifier built right in. To what extent, though, can these gadgets live up to the hype in terms of functionality and user friendliness? Examining the Luna 2 in further detail.

Luna II Auto CPAP Machine Overview

The Luna 2 is a self-adjusting device for treating obstructive sleep apnea. Unlike traditional CPAP machines, which keeps the same pressure setting throughout the night, this one may be adjusted as needed. 

Machines like the Luna 2 and others in the APAP family may alter the pressure according on how quickly or slowly you breathe (but always within your prescribed range). In theory, this should decrease the need for follow-up appointments at the doctor’s office to make pressure adjustments.

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In order to maintain airway patency, APAP machines consistently deliver the minimal pressure required. That’s great news for those who have trouble sleeping with their CPAP machines or are just starting out with the treatment. 

Additionally, it may modify its pressure output in response to short-term obstructions, such as those brought on by allergies or the common cold, allowing for more efficient mucus removal.

A physician should help you decide between an APAP, CPAP, and BiPAP equipment. Different machines have varying degrees of success treating specific illnesses. However, it’s important to inquire about this if you have trouble exhaling while using a CPAP or require many pressure settings as opposed to a single one.


The Luna 2 is a cheaper alternative to other phones with similarly advanced capabilities. Like those other versions, this one is backed by a guarantee that lasts for two years. Listed below are a some of the Luna 2’s most lauded specs.

A Remedy for End-Pulmonary Tension

With the Luna, users may breathe out without having to battle against the inflow of air. This facilitates a more organic breathing experience. The Reslex EPR has a range of 1–3, with 1 providing the least amount of pressure decrease and 3 providing the most. It is optional that you use this function at all.

Integrated Warm-Air Humidifier

During allergy season or the cold, dry months, humidification is a godsend for CPAP users. Dry mouth, nasal congestion, and throat discomfort may all be avoided with the aid of humidified air.

You can increase or decrease the humidification level, as shown by ascending or descending blue bars on the LCD display. The settings can be adjusted from 1–5 or deactivated completely. Heated tubing is not included with the Luna 2, but it is available for purchase.

Auto Start and Stop Operation

With just a few breaths after donning the mask, you may begin your therapy session, and removing it will not affect your personalized settings in any way. There is no need to restart the device after each night-time awakening.

Non-Disruptive Work Environment

As advances in sleep treatment technology have been made, CPAP users have become accustomed to the devices’ whisper-quiet operation. The Luna 2 emits only 28 decibels when operating, making it silent enough to be used in a library.

Easy-to-Use User Interface

The Luna II CPAP machine features a 3.5″ colour backlit LCD display on its top. A single dial menu and two buttons provide quick access to all of your preferred settings and the information from your most recent therapy session. Information such as compliance hours, average pressure, AHI, snoring index, and leak rate are shown on the screen.

Whether you want a nasal, nasal pillow, or full-face mask, you may select your preference here. Please be aware that the screen will go dark for around 20 seconds, but that it may be readily re-awakened by pushing the button.

Access to Information About Sleep Therapy

You may simply view and share your compliance data with your healthcare practitioner via the Luna II Auto PAP’s wi-fi connectivity. Choose your report type in the machine’s iCode area and it will show you a code. You may get your report by entering that code into an iCode app or website. You may also scan the QR code.

Detection of Mask Leaks

Leak detection is another useful function for CPAP masks that is missing from the Dreamstation and related versions. The air pressure going to your airways might drop due to these leaks, which can cause dry mouth and discomfort. The Luna has a helpful mask leak warning that will sound an alarm if there is a problem with your mask.

Ramp-Up Period Increased

Whereas the DreamStation and similar devices top out at 45 minutes of ramp time, the Luna 2 APAP gives you 60! The ramp timer can be set anywhere from 5-60 minutes in 5-minute increments.

CPAP Luna 2 Auto Setup

Upon removing the 3B Medical Luna II Auto CPAP from its packaging, you will discover that it comes with a stylish, cushioned carrying case that has a dedicated space for each component and clear labels to indicate their proper placement. You may expect to get the unit along with its associated water tank, tubes, air filter, instructions, AC power cord, and power adapter.

Just put it into an electrical socket and the machine will start working. When the device is turned on, the LCD display will illuminate to show that it is ready for use. After connecting the CPAP tube to the machine air outlet and CPAP mask, set up the machine on a flat surface, such as a nightstand.

Advantages and Disadvantages

In comparison to widely used machines like the ResMed AirSense 10, this one is bigger and heavier but still very compact. The Luna II weighs in at slightly over 4 pounds, with dimensions of 10.7″ x 7.2″ x 4.5″, and includes a built-in humidifier. 

The AirSense 10 is smaller and lighter, measuring just 10 by 4.6 by 5.9 inches, and costs less than three pounds. Unfortunately, there is currently no battery option for Luna II APAP, making it less than suitable for travel.


The Luna II Auto CPAP’s low cost makes it a great choice for consumers who need a reliable CPAP but are on a tight budget. Customers also value the longer ramp time and mask leak detection, which we provide at a more affordable pricing.

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